Butter? Yes, please!

I went out for morning tea with my mother today, which is quite the rare occasion. Had Campos coffee which is my all time favourite (and I purchased some for the house! Delicious!) and split a piece of apple and cinnamon bread with Mum. On the menu it said they served it toasted and with butter. Back in the days, one of my biggest fears ever was butter / margarine. I wouldn’t touch the stuff – it made me feel physically ill. And it was such an eating disorded thing. I’ve started to overcome the fear, however, and now even butter things on my own! Margarine and Vegemite on toast for the win! But I generally still ask for no butter when I go out to a cafe, because I don’t like the taste all that much.

I asked Mum if she wanted butter and she told me “she didn’t need it.” So I thought I would take the initiative and lather my half of the bread in butter. It’s just butter. No big deal. And it actually tasted a hell of a lot better with it.

Still had my flat white on skim milk though. We’re working on it, okay?

4 thoughts on “Butter? Yes, please!

  1. Bek….i have so much admiration for your page..its a massive achievment and pivotal mark in creating awareness for eating disorders which are so tragically frowned upon as a modern day taboo
    you have my full support and if required my assistance xx
    Renee Young

    • Hey Renee!

      Thanks so much for reading my blog and for your support also 🙂 I think that there are so many misconceptions surrounding eating disorders and it is so frustrating! I hope that this page does in some way show people the truths of eating disorders.


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