Time to Loosen Up, Society!

We had a storm here. It was brief. I went walking in it. I wore shorts and a singlet and no shoes and splashed in puddles and sang songs very loudly and terribly. I felt like saying to complete strangers “Hello! I’m recovering from an eating disorder and I’ve gained 16kg and I’d like to introduce you to my arms!”

They probably would think I was foolish.

I don’t understand people who whinge about rain –  I think it’s marvellous.

Here’s the article I’d like to share with you today: ta daaaa.

It’s talking about childhood anorexia being on the rise – that according to Westmead Hospital in NSW, children as young as eight are being hospitalised due to eating disorders. WHY WHY WHY? It’s wrong, isn’t it? The head of the hospital’s adolescent medicine program thinks it’s due to the media. I think she’s partly right. I think it’s to do with bullying and parents who diet and physical, sexual and emotional abuse. I think it’s due to diet products and diet programs and … not just the media’s emphasis on slimness, but … everyone’s.

We all just need to loosen up a little. It’s walking in the rain barefoot and getting wet. It’s a pair of shorts that don’t fit. It’s a chocolate biscuit. It’s full fat yoghurt. It’s one hip that’s wider than the other, or a glass of wine you’ve wanted all week.

It’s no biggie, really.


One thought on “Time to Loosen Up, Society!

  1. Sometimes you’re a Biggie . . .

    . . . in the way your thoughts pitter patter into Dance.

    ( I’d dare say it’s somewhere between a spirited Charleston and a wild twist. Let the music play. *clink* to the wine you’ve wanted all week to the chocolate cookie well washed down. )

    Singing in the rain becomes you.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate

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