“Just Eat!”

I only have 16 minutes to write this ’cause the final episode ever of Spicks & Specks is on. Also, just had a baked dinner and a glass of white wine and am ready for dessert (making an apple pie and A’s making custard (!!!!))

Here’s my ramble for tonight.

I read a book recently called ‘Goodbye Ed, Hello Me‘ by this wonderful, recovered woman called Jenni Schaefer. It’s pretty cool and full of motivating, encouraging and inspiring words – it’s about divorcing onself from their eating disorder and finding true freedom. One thing I found v. intriguing was a section in the book where she says that as annoying and seemingly condescending as it is when people tell you to “just eat” (because it’s obviously that easy! NOT), you gotta … Just eat! The world isn’t going to end if you eat a food you haven’t in a long time. It seems like a huge deal if you gain weight once you start eating regularly, but it’s necessary and usually unavoidable.

Check this video out.

I have found that I can eat food in moderation and maintain weight. If you are someone who has never experienced an eating disorder, this may seem a strange concept for you – but for me, it was nothing new to lose 5kg in 3 days after unhealthy eating patterns and crazy exercise regimes. And trust me – following a meal plan, maintaining weight and having energy is so much more wonderful than the eating disordered life. And so much happier.

Do it. Take a risk. You won’t be sorry.

P.S – 6 minutes until S&S! Win.

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