10 Things Makin’ Me Cheery.

1. This woman’s blog post today. Have a read for yourself – I’m sure it will make you smile as much as it did me.

2. I’m wearing one of my “brave dresses’ as I have so fondly named them – it’s featured in this blog post. I wore it to the doctors (ear infection), Shellharbour Square, the IGA and the chemist. Soon I shall wear it to Kiama, which brings me to my next point…

3. Kiama High are running a program for young girls called ‘Shine’. It’s basically a program to teach girls how to love their bodies, treat their bodies right and honour God with their bodies – emphasis not only on the external, but also (and  more importantly) the internal! So I’m going to an information session about it. Watch this space. Could be speaking to girls about body image one day! Funsies.

4. L purchased me a new toothbrush today. Colgate. One whole dollar. Bargain. It’s green.

5.  Having coffee (and raisin toast with marg!!) with this boy tomorrow. He’s a top bloke.

6.   Seeing them on Thursday. Seriously jumping out of my pants with excitement.

7. I have a unit to rent! But it won’t be happening for another 6 weeks or so, so need to keep considering where I shall live after the 18th December. So currently acquiring many goodies (dining table, fridge, lounge etc) for my own place – so much excitement and fear of change – but mainly excitement.

8. Ate my first eating disorder recovery lamington. Discovered I like them. Must be truly Australian.

9. Stopped biting my fingernails. Painted them red. nail polish chipped. Decided nail polish sucks. I have bitten them for almost 10 years – about time I quit, I say!

10. Going out for afternoon tea with L & A. Makes me happier than custard and homemade apple pie, and that’s sayin’ a lot.

So – what are ten things that are making you cheery on this blissfully warm yet overcast day? Dare you to share ’em.



B xxxx


7 thoughts on “10 Things Makin’ Me Cheery.

  1. #1 ~ Thinking about what you may need for your new digs, sent from an American pal . . .

    #2 ~ Raking leaves with a view of the glistening river, putting the gardens to bed for the winter, as my dear father used to say . . .

    #3 ~ Loving a man who knows my soul and shares a roast beef Subway sandwich during Monday Night Football . . .

    #4 ~ Reviewing all the great writes from this traumatic year called 2011 to nominate six American authors for the Pushcart Prize in superb storytelling from my e-zine, AT THE BIJOU, happily 2 years old this month . . .

    #5 ~ Realizing how authors taking authors the higher in their soar is akin to YOU aiding the spirits of those you share your stuff with oh Bekletta the bravin’ it out chick . . .

    #6 ~ Remembering how I made a best pal laugh some 800 miles away in the course of a quickly chimed in care to her share – thanks-full for communi’kation gizmos . . .

    #7 ~ The last piece of Thanksgiving pecan pie with robust coffee during morning review works and Gershwin music . . . ahhhh . . .

    #8 ~ A soft look within to the wealth I have in the folks who enrich my life …

    #9 ~ A propped up morning note greeting my daystart from the place on the kitchen hutch where I left my g’night note for my fella’s good charge into his day . . .

    #10 ~ The gleaning that I think you’re grinning . . .

  2. Saw your comment over at Inner Pickle Bek – I thought you were right on the money!!

    #7 on your list makes me smile – it’s so exciting moving into your own place! I worked in a homewares store from when I was 16 to age 19, so therefore had heaps of stuff by the time I moved out. It was such fun 🙂

    What a lovely positive and honest blog you have here. Looking forward to hearing more of your story 🙂 xx

  3. Hey Bek and AK –

    Just throwing out one (although many more stuck in my head) CHEERY for this thing called an internet that connected three gals from all over this beautiful world to share life…

    in all its beauty, laughter and strife!

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