And in other news …

In this whole recovery period, I had not gone for a run. I have caved a few times and gone to the gym, but mostly I have stuck to walking Bella for my 20 minutes, give or take, each day.

M, my dietitian, challenged my rigidity. I was allowed to walk the dog 5 times a week and play touch footy with the church kiddies once a week. I had to bend my little controlling mannerisms. So I’ve done that.

And then this afternoon I thought to myself “dang, I could really go for a lovely run right now.” Completely not eating disordered. I just wanted to do it for the pure joy, basically. It sucked, as I expected. I was über fit from all that exercise I was doing and yeah – that’s gone right down the drain. However, this time I shall do it the right way! As in, in a way that is most pleasing to God. And not disrespecting to my body.

So I’m going to take it easy, but hopefully I can get my running mojo back v. soon.

And the less asthma attacks it involves, the better 😉



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