Inch by inch, life’s a cinch; mile by mile, life’s a trial.

My year 9 history teacher quoted this to our class a bunch of times throughout the year (2007) . I think he was trying to prepare us for the school certificate, but mostly he just scared us. I’ve been thinking about it in the last 15 hrs or so.

Last night there was tension in the house, I blamed myself as I normally do and then had a big cry about wanting to be better. As in, now. As in, go to bed and wake up and be better. It’s obviously impossible because there’s so much crap to work through – it’s a process.

Perseverance is a big, big part of recovering from an eating disorder. It’s a quick spiral down, and a long climb back up. So if that’s you and you’re recovering and you’re struggling and you just want to quit: please, please don’t. The bravest thing you can do is keep pushing onwards. Like the quote says – try and do too much too soon, you’ll find it hard. Baby steps and you’ll manage much better!

And if all else fails, go and swing on a swing for a long time and sing songs loudly.

Have a lovely Sunday afternoon.


B xxxx

2 thoughts on “Inch by inch, life’s a cinch; mile by mile, life’s a trial.

  1. Glad you’re swingin. Touch the sky while you’re at it.

    The best singin’ happens there you know.

    Love your strive – You’re responsible only for the YOU. How you feel can only come from YOU.

    Yeah. Swing.
    ~ Absolutely*Kate

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