Crisis # 1 – Crisis Averted!

Crisis # 1. Walked into the bathroom at C’s house to unpack all my toiletry goods. Scales were innocently sitting next to the bath. Eating disorder cheered. Rebekah furrowed her brow.

I haven’t actually weighed myself in a very long time. M, ze dietitian woman does it once a fortnight, but that’s just to check in on where I’m at and see what my body is doing with all of this new-found food that it’s missed out on for so damn long! I have a general idea of what I weigh, but mostly I try to stay away, particularly if it’s something my eating disorder is demanding to know and not myself.

Messaged L and told her, who promptly told me she would inform C that they should really probably more than likely definitely be moved (she didn’t actually use those words, but I wish she had now that I just thought of them ’cause then I could put them in quotation marks and italics and it would look cool).

Summoned up the courage and told C myself – it was A-OK and she has now shifted them into her room.

Crisis # 1 averted.

So what is there to say?

– There are creepy toy soldiers on my bedside table

– I had morning tea with A and lunch with L

– I am allergic to C’s cats

– I’m writing thank you cards for people who have been most lovely and helpful this year

– Speaking of cards, L gave me this excellent one yesterday:

So, so fitting.

Things are feeling a little weird, but that’s to be expected I’m sure.

Shall keep you all updated.


Love, Bek XX

8 thoughts on “Crisis # 1 – Crisis Averted!

  1. Praying for you Bek..that you feel His courage covering you. I was told once by my sister when I was dealing with terrible anxiety – to take it one day at a time, one hour at a time, or even just one minute at a time…one foot in front of the other, but always knowing that HE loves you unconditionally!!

    praying and loving you from Illinois with glee

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