Oh, the joy of Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I wanted to write a little something about Christmas and how hard it can be for the eating disordered because of the copious amounts of food etc. Last year for example, I basically binged at Christmas time (malnutrition – my body hadn’t seen that much food in yonks!), then weighed myself in my aunty’s bathroom, then purged and weighed myself again to make sure my weight had gone back down.

Really, really unpleasant right? Bad Christmas memories, all related to food.

So I wanna talk about something a little different. My favourite things that happened this Christmas. No looking back at crappy Christmases from the past. And I want to know what your favourite thing about today was too.

I was woken up by a lovely lady loudly saying “Merry Christmas!” in my ear. I ate prawns at lunchtime. They were spectacular. I went and visited an awesome old chap who used to go to our 7pm service at church – he’s 91 next month! He’s my absolute favourite. He was in bed at 3:15 in the afternoon and looked pale and ill and laid there and told me how abundantly blessed he has been by God to have a view of Saddleback Mountain from his window. I also went for a walk with him briefly outside and as we took the elevator downstairs he did a funny little hip wiggle and told me he was a little like Elvis Presley. Seriously. He’s a champion.

Also had this photo taken today

It makes me very, very happy.

I was thinking earlier about how time away from extremely lovely people makes you appreciate them even more. And Christmas is good for that, it reunites you with family members and loved ones and you realise how wonderfully blessed you really are. And recall just how much God has blessed us by sending his son Jesus to die for us.

So – what has been your favourite thing today?

Love Rebekah XXXX

4 thoughts on “Oh, the joy of Christmas!

  1. My Dearest Bek –

    Merry Christmas!!

    My favorite thing was that my 23 year old son, whose car broke down on the side of the highway coming home on Friday night, was protected and eventually made it home safe and sound…

    surrounded by our Savior’s love all around!


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