Rants and Rambles and Sad Anoretics.

I am sick and tired of skinny girls saying they’re fat. Talking about some new diet they’re on this week because they need to lose a few kilos. Family members constantly asking me if I think they look fat. People boasting about how much exercise they’ve done, as if it makes them better than I am, in some bizarre and twisted way. Individuals talking about food as either good or bad (bread: bad; fruit: good, for example). People buying 98% fat free goods as if they’re going to save the world or change their weight dramatically overnight.

Hot dang, it’s a frustration and a half.

Went with A this afternoon to take R to the airport and on our way back we saw an extremely anorexic woman speedily walking down the footpath. From memory (it’s a slight blur), I exclaimed “holy dooley” and A looked a little shocked … then he told me to hold out my arm and he told me it has to stay the size that it is now. Because seeing thin arms like mine used to be, and like that girls is very shocking. And then I think I cried.

It’s REALLY hard seeing girls like that. Or guys. I just want to help people who are still in that mind frame to realise that fading away isn’t possible – and that there’s so much more to life than an eating disorder. And as terrifying as food seems, it’s actually one of the most wonderful things God has given (except for of course water. And Jesus. Definitely Jesus).

So I beg of you – stop talking about your weight. It’s irrelevant. Stop putting yourself down because you think your thighs are big. As M, my dietitian constantly asks me: are these things really in line with your values? No? Then put them aside.

Love Bek xxxx


2 thoughts on “Rants and Rambles and Sad Anoretics.

  1. It’s triggering to see emaciated people, but I think you and I both are at the stage where we realise an eating disorder isn’t a life, and there is so much more to life than an obsession with food, weight and everything related to it.
    There are relationships, and sports and activities we have energy for, and so much more to see in the world than bathroom scales.

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