It’s About Time!

Ahoy from Canberra! I meant to write a blog post before I headed down here to say “hi, i’m going to Canberra for a while so I may not post anything this week” etc etc etc. But I ran out of time and in all honesty I was a little scared of coming down here … Not because I was worried about being here as such, but I was scared of what I was leaving behind. Mostly, I was frightened of stepping out of rigid behaviours, such as eating (generally) the same foods at (generally) the same times, (generally) most days. I was apprehensive about doing different things … perhaps eating out far more often than I’m used to and being afraid to say I was stressing about food to my friends (L & C – wonderful ladies!) thereby giving my ED a foothold.

But so far it’s been okay.

The best part (obviously) has been spending time with L & C and being away from Gerringong where I was sort of stuck all of last year because my eating disorder refused to let much else happen.

Other highlights include taking loads of glorious photos of so many joyful things that have been occurring, drinking lots of really good coffee and being able to lay in Glebe Park and do a crossword and not feel guilty – just be.

I think doing something like this has to be part of my recovery process – so having the opportunity to do this is something I feel very thankful for.

So hopefully no dwelling on how much I’m eating or how much exercise I’m not doing in the coming days. I think it’s about time I let the ED give me a break.

And shall definitely be posting when I return on Sunday. So hope you all enjoy your weekend very much!
Bek x

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