Blog Post #50.

You would think by now, after writing 50 blog posts and blogging since October that I’d have virtually not all that much left to say. How long can one can continue to write about eating disorders for, honestly? How can one possibly maintain an audiences interest in the long-term? I’ve worried about it before, but when it really comes down to it I stated in my about that I “seek to educate those who are interested in learning more about eating disorders, as well as receiving support and encouragement from good friends who are learning about my wacky eating behaviours!” I’m not writing things about eating disorders to show off or boast, in some twisted or distorted way. In actual fact, I’m showing you my weakest part in the hopes that it can make someone else stronger.

The more I write; the more people that message me on Facebook and share their own stories and experiences with body image … the more I realise that this really does affect all of us in someway. If it doesn’t affect you personally, it affects your mother or sister or brother or aunty or cousin. People really do struggle with body image.

So what if we realised that? What if we looked around and said to each other – “hey, I understand. But you actually have nothing to worry about.” What if we all had this mutual understanding of each others self-esteem, an acceptance of our own and each others flaws, a desire to help others realise that weights and calories and laps swam are really rather irrelevant?

The next time a conversation about diets and weights is going on around you, would you have the guts to say that you didn’t care? Or the guts to not participate in the conversation, even when every fibre of your being struggles against that?

I don’t care what your weight is or how many chocolate biscuits you’ve eaten. I don’t care if you drink real coke or diet coke. I neither promote overeating or undereating, but mindful and intuitive eating – that is, feeding your body the appropriate foods at the appropriate times – eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full.

So, find freedom from that. Stop waiting around for people to stop talking about this and start loving themselves, because it isn’t going to happen unless you give them a little nudge in the right direction. You don’t think it, but you can actually make change happen here.

So, please talk about these things.

Love Rebheckherrrr xoxo.


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