“I am recovering from an eating disorder”.

Back in November last year, I wrote a blog post entitled ‘How Does One Get from Recovery to Recovered?’ I reckon at the time it was such an issue for me because I could never imagine myself saying to someone “I am recovered from an eating disorder”; I always envisioned the same ol’ “I am recovering from an eating disorder”. 

So I sit here today typing this and am still no longer in that position that I desire to be.

The fact that I eat regularly, don’t overexercise, don’t purge my meals, don’t abuse laxatives, don’t binge eat, don’t manipulate my food intake in any way and have maintained my weight for almost 6 months all show me that I am much, much better than I was. And I’m proud of that. I am so happy to have made the changes I have; I recognise the significance of them. But eating disorders are much more than the physical. The issues that are at the core of an eating disorder are the things that I believe need to be sufficiently dealt with in order to make a full recovery and to be able to utter those longed for words!

I know the causes of my own eating disorder and am still working through them. It’s a very difficult thing, but it won’t last forever and it’s so essential to deal with them so I can continue to have healthy relationships with others, as well as with myself and my body.

I hope you anticipate the day when I sit down here and write a blog post called ‘Recovered!’ as much as I do. And thank you all so much for supporting me as you have and as you are.

Love, Bek X

2 thoughts on ““I am recovering from an eating disorder”.

  1. Bek –

    That blog post “RECOVERED!” will happen…as you reflect back at where you had been to even today…and the wonderful honest sharing that you have done with your past…you have taken GIANT LEAPS! With that knowledge and the support of not only those in your life there, but literally all over the world, and, of course, our Heavenly Father’s love…you WILL so get there!!

    And when it happens I pray that I am in a position to make a trip to give you a hug and celebrate…

    that day will happen I cannot wait!!…

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