Full Cream Milk Round 2.

For a long time, I have had a big fear of full cream milk. I used to try and tell myself that I liked the taste of skim milk more but have recently come to realise that my eating disorder has dictated this fear. And so I decided I needed to challenge it.

At church on a Sunday morning at morning tea time, I used to always make sure the milk was skim. If it was full cream, I didn’t have a coffee that Sunday. It’s only a small thing, but I decided to overcome that – and so now I don’t check if it’s skim or full cream and I drink my coffee regardless.

Next challenge was to purposely put full cream milk in my coffee – even if skim was quite readily available to me. I did it a few times (much to the horror of my eating disorder!) and discovered I actually really preferred the taste of full cream milk.    Seriously – it is so good!

Next challenge after that was to go out to a cafe and order a coffee without adding my usual “on skim milk”. I had done it a few times already with L but on Saturday went up to Newtown to have lunch with S and had not one but two coffees on full cream milk. Impressive, I know. And they were pretty good. So now I need to make it an intuitive thing – ie, what do I actually feel like, rather than what my eating disorder wants me to do.

This excellent post talks about how these days we’re all so into the half-fat, lite or skimmed milk that we’ve seemingly forgotten all about the days when full fat milk was perfectly appropriate for everyone to drink – children, elderly, teenagers, the middle -aged – and no one even cared about the fat in it. We’ve turned into this society that values fat free products, slim bodies and restricted diets.

But it isn’t too late to change that.



Love Rebekah X

4 thoughts on “Full Cream Milk Round 2.

  1. I really like this post, Bek! For a while our family went fat-free everything. After some time, things started tasting watered down. Now I try to buy and drink more full cream milk because it just seems more wholesome and less watery. It’s good for our children – and it’s a whole lot cheaper! 🙂

    • Definitely like the taste so much more! And someone told me recently that it’s much better for growing girls to have full cream anyway 😉 So it must be a lot better for the girls! X

  2. Bec you are so inspiring. I can’t wait to one day read your book or should I say books. I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, your writing is so amazing and I know you will be making a difference. Your blog brought tears to my eyes. Have so much respect for you! Keep fighting! Love Auds 🙂 x

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