So I’m Not Sure if You’ve Observed …

But I have been blogging less and less lately. I’m not entirely sure why – I mean, I have a desire to blog – but my fingers and brain aren’t working together to bring you a daily informative blog about eating disorders.

So I have a theory.

That is, I reckon I’m getting a lot better. I’m not as greatly focused on my eating disorder as much as I was. And I shall continue to blog, but hopefully it shall become to begin less about me and my eating disorder and more factual, as such. Lately I have been dealing with some very big issues related to the ED and it’s been tough but the fact of the matter is that I’m working through it and dealing with the core issues that brought about the ED in the first place. That is a very wonderful thing.

I want to encourage you to stop for a moment and consider what has brought you to where you are now – what has gone on in your life and shaped and influenced who you are? Are you alright with these things? Or are there issues to work through? It appears all well and good to carry around a facade (like an eating disorder or equiv) and pretend you don’t have stuff to deal with. And it really is probably one of the most difficult things you will ever do … But deal with your issues.

It might not seem fair or just that you’re left behind to pick up the pieces, but you are responsible for yourself and only you can make these changes in your life.

So go and do it.

Love, B.



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