Eating Disorder Jokes.

It’s taken me awhile, but I’ve come to appreciate eating disorder jokes quite a lot. Back when I was stuck in eating disordered habits, L bought me a place mat that said “Eat”. Needless to say, I didn’t really see the humor in it at the time – but now I think it’s hilarious! Other eating disordered jokes have included me telling A I felt sick and him telling me rather flippantly to “go and throw up then” (though he was rather apologetic because he didn’t really think that one through!), making remarks about going on diets so as to weigh less when I next saw my dietitian and eating a wonderful piece of salmon with a pear and walnut salad and then saying “thanks, that was great – going to purge now, however.”

The best part about the last two in particular is that I can make jokes like that these days because there is absolutely zero truth in it – I wouldn’t dare starve myself or dare throw up my food these days. Because I don’t do that any more. Eating disordered behaviours are no longer part of my character – isn’t that a relief!

Tonight I sent S a text about the smaller dinner that C had cooked tonight. It consisted of two salmon patties and a spoonful of peas. It was delicious, just not enough. I don’t mean to sound rude or ungrateful in any sense, so I apologise if I do! He replied “on a brighter note, that once would have been too much!”

How right he is. And I can so appreciate the humor in that, because now I have the ability to laugh at myself and my extreme behaviours. Don’t get me wrong: eating disorders are extremely serious and really shouldn’t be taken lightly at all. But what a wonderful gift I have been given to be able to laugh at myself these days; to not be so serious and to really appreciate the food that I eat and the fact I am alive.

How marvellous God is in bringing me to this point in my recovery. And I really hope He brings you to this point too; not taking yourself so damn seriously all the time!

Love Bekah X

4 thoughts on “Eating Disorder Jokes.

  1. Hi Bek,
    I love this and i love that you are at a point now where you can see the funny side, where you can laugh at yourself and the ED, and most of all, where you know you are free of those behaviours.
    I love that when we have come through a fight for our lives like this, we fall in love with life, it becomes so precious. I thank God every single day for allowing me this life in this beautiful world. For all the blessings – and there are many when we finally look up and see them.
    I’m still hard in my own fight, but I can laugh, and I don’t find anything wrong in jokes – as long as they are respectful towards everyone. Some of the hardest times in hospital were brightened by simply joking at the Ed’s expense with the nurses! It also helped me see despite being in the midst of the disorder, the insanity of my situation.
    Thanks for making me smile 🙂

    • Hey Fiona!
      Thanks so much for your comment, it’s so relevant and true! It’s such a freeing thing to be able to laugh at the eating disorders expense as you said. And allowing yourself to do that – I think that is one of the most wonderful things of all.
      Here if you ever need a chat, or anything. Just let me know Xo.

  2. Amazing post.

    I know (from times in the past) how it feels so great to have enough distance between yourself and the disorder to see with clarity how absurdly extreme behaviours were taken in the past, but how your quality of life improves tenfold by eradicating them.

    Well done! It sounds like you’ve come SO far.

    • Thank you! I still find it difficult to acknowledge how much progress I have actually made, but when I do just allow myself to stop and think about it, it’s astounding! How are you at the moment? Xo.

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