Exercise Monster!

Yeah, like I said in my previous post – I’m prone to becoming quite obsessed with exercise. I think I might still use it as a form of punishment if I overeat or eat something my eating disorder deems “bad”. And it starts slowly but quickly takes its grip on you and before you realise, you’re doing too much.

I wouldn’t say I’m doing too much at the moment, but I’m doing more than usual. And a lot of it is stress induced / boredom induced / eating disorder induced. When I first began to exercise again, I was allowed to walk the dog 20 mins a day. Then M, ze dietitian lady said only 5 times a week – because I’m (or the ED!) is so rigid in my (its) actions.

So now I’m walking the dog for 20-40 mins a day and swimming for 2 hours a week. Which I think is a pretty normal amount of exercise, nothing too obsessive there. Except for the fact that I still would freak out if I had to miss swimming (which I did today, and thus did some extra walking) or if I didn’t do any exercise at all in a day.

I know that it’s great to have a break from exercise at least one day in the week. I know that I don’t need to do as much exercise as I am to maintain my weight. I tend to do either too much or not enough of most things and the result is me being a big ball of stress. So here we are.

Don’t have much to comment on really, or encourage with but here’s my parting words: don’t overexercise! It screws up your brain. And the exercise monster can often be one of the most challenging monsters to beat in the long run.

Love, Rebekah X

4 thoughts on “Exercise Monster!

  1. I hear you! Happens for me too. i love the way exercise makes me feel, but I can’t seem to stop at enough, I keep going, even past the the point of pain and exhaustion. So then I have to stop completely and start from very little again. I think we have addictive personalities! It’s hard to learn ‘enough’, rather than it always been ‘not enough’ or ‘too much’. xx

  2. I’m the same way, either way too much or not enough. Exercising is the worst because even if your eating good, enough cals and not purging, you can still over exercise and burn everything off and do as much damage. Whenever I start getting exercise crazy I have to force myself to stop before it gets out of hand, because I can’t even do it a little w/o out getting out of control.
    Hope you have better control than me(: xoxo

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