Make Time For Fun!

I’m currently in the process of writing an essay which I’m 70% sure is due on Monday and listening to Lisa Mitchell sing at the same time – it’s a big distraction! I stop every few minutes and join in with Lisa singing about how sidekicks are important and then I realise I still have a lot of words to write on my essay so heck, why not write a blog post instead.

I feel like I’m doing the HSC all over again.

Another subject I do at College is Pastoral Care (brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!) and one thing that our lovely lecturer constantly reiterates to us (particularly after having a heavy three hour lecture on grief or caring or listening) is to make sure we take some time out that week to have some fun. Sounds a bit childish, eh? Because you know – life’s too busy and serious for fun. Right? Wrong! Early recovery days, taking the time to have fun and not be so serious all the time was ridiculously, ridiculously significant for me. It could be something really simple like going for a walk barefoot in the rain and jumping in puddles and singing songs and being overwhelmingly thankful that I was recovering or wandering around the corner to go and swing on the swings at the park. I can recall once having a meltdown about how fat I thought I looked in my jeans and how much bigger I was than the day before, and upon the advice of A, went for a walk in the pouring rain. In my jeans. I was drenched. And when I returned home, I was a giggling mess – having fun is important! Having fun for you might mean reading a crappy fiction book or writing some music or playing an instrument, being with family and friends, cooking, seeing a movie alone, having a bath – having some you time basically – taking the time out to do the things that you love and appreciate and make you most joyful.

We’re too serious. We’re far, far too serious about things and we get so weighed down by conversations and actions and issues and assignments (!) that we forget our real values. We somehow end up in a situation where our lives are really unbalanced. I’m not going to sit here and pretend I’m perfect and my life is completely in check – because we all know that is so far from the truth! I just want to emphatically point out that it’s really important we try to do something like this once a week – it benefits not only us, but those around us. We take on some responsibility in caring for ourselves and find pleasure in doing so along the way. It can’t hurt, right?

So … Laugh loudly at your own jokes. Sing terribly. Dance in your lounge room. Draw a pretty picture. Make a funny cover sheet for your assignment and tell yourself you’re hilarious

Please just make sure you make time for fun. And if you’re of the eating disordered type, don’t let the ED dictate whether you can have fun or not. Because you definitely can, free of guilt!

B xo

P.S – So I can write 555 words here easily and the 2000 for my essay are taking me forever. These words were much more fun to write, let me assure you!

6 thoughts on “Make Time For Fun!

  1. Excellent advice, which I have just followed – enjoyed a long bath with vanilla-scented bubbles. And a cup of tea, which I managed to drink without spilling it into the bath. Win! 😉

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