Exercise Bulimia (and youtube videos)

In case you’re unaware, in recent days I have been making a video every now and then and uploading it to Youtube. I’m ridiculously awkward and a tad boring, but I figured that there are probably a whole lot of people out there who don’t really like reading blogs and learn through visual aids. Hence why I’ve succumbed to the land of Youtube.

The last video that I posted (which can be found here) was on the topic of exercise bulimia and whilst it’s not hugely lengthy, I do hope I explain somewhat adequately what exercise bulimia actually is. If you haven’t seen the video, let me explain.

Exercise bulimia is basically a means of ridding ones own self of calories consumed through excessive amounts of exercise. It is equally as dangerous as laxative abuse, starvation and purging. One example I gave in the video was that I was doing 30 hours of exercise a week at one point during my bulimia stage to try to counteract what I was eating. It’s like this endless cycle of binge, panic, overexercise, restrict, binge, panic … You get the point.

The point is, it’s much, much nicer to eat every 2-3 hours, have a healthier metabolism and walk or swim for 20-30 minutes each day, or 5 days a week or whenever I choose to do so. It’s much, much nicer to make these decisions for myself instead of having an eating disorder dictate whether or not I have to go for an extra run because I ate something I “shouldn’t have eaten”.

Exercise bulimia is out of control. It’s incomprehensible. It’s a tactic for avoiding emotions, a way to avoid feeling [physically] uncomfortable.  It’s an act of desperation; a means of exerting control over the body. And how does one escape it? It is seemingly impossible.

I do think there a few potential options for escaping exercise bulimia. All of them, however, are options that those who are well entrenched in their eating disorder would attempt to avoid at all costs. Things such as asking someone to keep you accountable for how much exercise you are doing or writing an exercise plan and following it, regardless of how you eat – they’re necessary. Otherwise you’ll soon find that you’re passing out, that you can’t concentrate, that you’re so damn tired all the time, that you get kicked out of the gym because you too frequently visit there … And eventually, just like with any other eating disordered behaviours, you’ll probably wind up in hospital feeling like you have even less control and being made to gain weight (which, regardless of what you think, is necessary and life-saving and a really, really good thing.)

Enough rambling. Exercise bulimia is dangerous. Exercise bulimia is a problem. Exercise bulimia is an eating disordered behaviour. Exercise bulimia may not necessarily occur only amongst the anorexic and bulimic. And exercise bulimia needs to be addressed before it gets even more out of control.

Love, B X


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