a letter to all you lovelies!

Dear friends,

I am so, so very thankful to each and every one of you for your support over the last year or so. Your encouragement, your kind words and your patience has meant more to me than I can ever fully articulate. But know that I am so grateful for all of you.

Today, coincidentally, is my 20th birthday and I am especially, especially grateful for it because I know how much I have changed in this last year. I spent my 19th birthday forcing myself to eat according to my meal plan and eventually purging birthday cake. It wasn’t an entirely pleasant today – but it makes me all the more delighted about today – a day in which I have received so much love from friends and family, a day in which I can eat cake and not feel one tiny bit guilty about eating it, a day in which I am so thankful to have been brought safely through my eating disorder – and perhaps, most importantly of all, a day in which I am thankful for God’s precious gift of life, and overwhelmed by His faithfulness.

Can I also just say that I have had the most blessed week – been in the Mercury twice (if you missed it, here’s me talking about ED’s!), caught up with so many wonderful people and had lovely conversations, been shouted ice cream and bowling and coffee and all those joyful things, it’s raining today and I got to walk around in my gumboots on my birthday and I just feel so, so delightfully happy.

Oh. I also got this excellent gift from the wonderful Madison for my birthday. And sorry for the creepy face, just in advance:

God is good. Very, very good. And He has brought me so far in such a short time and changed me and my heart and my values and I am immeasurably thankful. Having started this blog almost a year ago and seeing how far I’ve come in that time and having been blessed with so many opportunities to share my story with others and being able to support individuals who struggle with similar circumstances that I have previously experienced – it blows my mind.

Thanks again, all ye wonderful supporters. I wouldn’t have made it this far without you all, I know it.

Lots of love,

Bek xo.

18 thoughts on “a letter to all you lovelies!

  1. Happy Birthday Bek 🙂 It’s been wonderful to watch your progress and to see how free you are now! Wishing you another positive year, filled with life, love, strength, friendship and faith. xo.

  2. Miss Bek –

    You are marvelously strong on your own – that being just YOU and God!!
    Although I am very thankfully blessed that I am involved (even from afar) with you and your journey thru life!!

    the giggles and the strife

  3. Bek, so happy for you!!! PTL!!! Today I went by the place where I worked before I went to HK and saw my old coworkers and they all said I look good – and for the first time I understood what that meant and I was ELATED! I asked a girl close to my age if I look the same and she told me I look sexier…God is soooooo good, is He not? See what He is doing in our lives! Soli Deo gloria!!!!!

    stay strong my sister, so proud!!!!


    – s

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