good food, bad food or just… food?

I’d just like to quickly point out that I missed my blogs one year birthday back at the end of October – sad! I did eat some cake in celebration though, and perhaps you can all join me in that next year! I must say, I never really thought this blog would be going for so long – and that I’d still have things to say about eating disorders after all this time. So thank you guys for hanging in there with me throughout this journey, it’s been a privilege. Now onto the excellent topic of food…

Back to the actual point of this post – I’ve been thinking in recent times about how we (and not just those struggling with an ED) as a society seem to group foods into “good” and “bad”. We boast when we’ve been eating “well” and “healthily” and admit to our friends when we’ve eaten something “bad” as if we’ve commited some great big crime.

“Oh no thanks, I’ve been doing so well all week!”, we exclaim, as we turn down that really ridiculously delicious looking piece of apple pie.

“I’m really quite happy with my no fat yoghurt for supper”, we say, as our right eye twitches and we grit our teeth with every ounce of self – control in our body.

And then we blame ourselves when we cave. We tell ourselves how terrible we are for having eaten that oh so tasty pastry from the bakery. We shouldn’t have had that row of chocolate. How terrible it was to enjoy our dinner and have a little extra more. How awful we are to crave ice cream and go to the shops and buy some. We shouldn’t have done that at all. What an atrocity it is to actually listen to our body’s needs and respond appropriately.

I hope you’ve picked up on my sarcastic tone, or I might get in trouble here!

I’m trying to make few points: if you deprive your body of something for a long period of time, it will fight back harder than ever. And then you’ll blame yourself for not having self-control -and that’s not the issue here. The issue is that your body wants to work properly and it wants you to survive, and in order for it do that, you need to feed it adequately. No one else can do that for you – you are your owncaretaker of your own body. Yes, some foods are better for your insides than others. I’m not saying chuck out all the fruit and veggies and live on chips and coke and brownies for the rest of your life. That would be a terrible thing for me to be advocating. But is there such a need to be hatin’ on delicious, tasty foods?

Food is food. No “bad”. No “good”. No rules. We put all these rules around eating and we break them and then we hate ourselves. And that’s just not right.

Your body wants the brownie? Give your body the brownie. Your body wants the apple? Give your body the apple.

Personally, I eat some fun food every day. A row of chocolate with a cup of tea for supper. A chocolate biscuit, or two if I fancy it. I’m not a terrible person for that, and I’m definitely not a terrible person for enjoying it. And neither are YOU.


Rebekah X

2 thoughts on “good food, bad food or just… food?

  1. wow, this is a great post! Everything you have written is so true! And don’t worry I caught on that you were being sarcastic at the beginning 😉
    i totally agree that all food is just food, its there to fuel your body so shouldn’t always be categorized. I myself as recovered/ing from anorexia know just how horrible an illness it is and how this categorizing of the “good” and “bad” is in no way helpful for our recovery!

  2. Hi Rebekah! Another beautiful post… I especially appreciate that you are taking on the guilt that comes along with labeling foods as ‘good’ and ‘bad’. If you don’t treat yourself to what you consider bad, if you don’t have the mentality of setting yourself up for success, then guilt will follow when you only give in to your body’s natural response.

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