appreciating my body despite it all.


Last night, for the very first time in a long time, I took a shower at 9pm.

This probably seems like no big deal. I’m sure people do this all the time; I’m sure it’s a standard sort of activity. The thing is though, there’s a whole lot of disgust and hatred built up inside of me about and toward my body – which  sucks really because it hasn’t done a whole lot to deserve such strong emotions. After a whole day of eating three snacks, and three main meals, my body image at 9pm is kind of just really terrible. I feel full. I full bloated, I detest what I see in the mirror even more than usual. And that’s saying a damn lot.

Last night I decided that I might not necessarily like my body a whole lot for the time being, but that’s okay because that’s where I’m at. I might not feel 100% comfortable in my skin, but that’s okay because that’s where I’m at. I might not appreciate what my reflection looks like in the mirror, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate everything my body does for me.

For the last two years since I relapsed, I have fought against my body like hell. I have forced it to be and remain at, until recently, a weight it didn’t want to remain at. I have treated it as no human deserves to be treated. I have forced it to endure hours of walking. I have deprived it of the vitamins and minerals it both needs and deserves. And I have loathed it, despite its perfectly normal imperfections.

Sure, I don’t love it. But I can appreciate it. I can appreciate that it hasn’t conked out on me despite the physical and emotional trauma I have placed it through. I can appreciate that it functions well on a day-to-day basis, and that it functions adequately. I can appreciate my heart that beats, my muscles that enable me to move and be and exist. I can appreciate that my body is for me, not against me. And I can appreciate its resilience.

So yes, I may not love my body now but hopefully one day I WILL. Hopefully one day, I will treat it as justly as it deserves. Hopefully one day what I see will be a true representation of how my body actually is, and be okay with that. Hopefully one day the urges to control and manipulate my weight will dissipate.

I have a true and deep faith that those urges will eventually, ever so gradually and oh so successfully leave. And I believe that not just for me, but for you too.


6 thoughts on “appreciating my body despite it all.

  1. An abosolutely wise woman with life experience to understand the true nature and beauty of her body … despite the illness. But amongst all the distorted thoughts there is a sense of real gratitude for knowing that eventual acceptance will come with pride!

  2. So frikking proud of you darling.i 100% understand the struggle of showering and the discomfort after a day of eating. Im currently on a quest to learn to love and accept my body 🙂 im going to start blogging about it! Ill link you up when I do so u can follow. Keep up the amazing work xxxx

  3. Another great blog Bek, this is a serious milestone for you. Very powerful !! I can hear the work you have done and that it can at times feel different for you. That is really cool despite it being still such a tough journey to struggle through. You have worked soooooooo hard this year and it has been a tough year in so many ways for you but you keep on fighting !!!

    Look forward to a chat tomorrow. Cheers


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