Alphabet Series.

A is for Anorexia

B is for Bulimia

C is for Courage

D is for Dieting

E is for

F is for

G is for Growing Up

H is for

I is for Iron. And Irony.

J is for

K is for

L is for Laxatives

M is for Myths (of the eating disordered kind)

N is for

O is for

P is for

Q is for

R is for Recovered?

S is for Seuss

T is for Thankfulness

U is for

V is for Value (s)

W is for

X is for

Y is for

Z is for


13 thoughts on “Alphabet Series.

  1. D is for Desire. That extremely strong desire or “Drive” ED’s thrive on. The drive to control. To lose weight. To manipulate. To lie. And then turning that extreme drive into recovery.
    – just a suggestion 🙂
    PS. I absolutely love your blogs. I have gone back and read every single one. I’m a recovering anorexic/bulimic and wish I was a good a writer as you as I can see how helpful blogging could be. You really inspire me though. I love following your journey. Keep up the amazing work ❤

    • D – Defeat (happens)
      E – Eating, enemas, emotional awakening
      G – GERD
      H – (being) Healthy
      J – Just once
      O – Orthostasis
      P – Period, Pain
      W – Water weight

      • I also like ‘D is for Defeat’ – perhaps I need to do 2 D’s! Lots to think about with E also. G’s a good one, as is H and J is interesting. Potentially O, P and W. Thanks for sharing your ideas! X

    • You are so kind, thank you so much! I like ‘D is for Desire’. Because the other thing is that there’s that desire to not be … human. To be more. To not need to eat or sleep or need things. Does that make sense to you? I’m mostly just rambling but that was something I found in my experience.

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  3. Y is for yearning for acceptance?
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, by the way. You inspire me and give me hope and courage to continue recovery. Your posts are informative, entertaining, and altogether incredible. Please never stop blogging or writing. You have a real talent here and should continue to develop it.

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