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8 thoughts on “Rebekah’s Face.

  1. Thanks so much Rebekah for this helpful post. As someone who has walked beside many sufferers of these 2 illnesses, I am all too well aware of how little those that surround them really understand and therefore fail to offer the right support needed.

    So important to clarify the myths out there from someone who has walked the path and journeying outward. So proud of your courage, honesty and selflessness in putting this information out there, thank you!

    ps. if you want to see my face then you can go to my blog at 🙂

    • Hello! First off, thanks so much for having a look around my blog. May I ask, did you find it through Celia’s post? It’s such a lovely thing to hear direct feedback like this, and particularly from a sister in Christ! So I thank you again.

      I had a stalk of your own blog and read the letter that David had sent forward to ‘Loveable’ – it was brilliant! I wish that more people would take innitiave in such matters as that – particularly blokes. And it’s so cool to see a guy recognise the ramifications of such advertising too.

      Rant complete.

      Bek xo.

  2. Hey Bek,
    yes, I did find it through Celia’s post, she is a long time friend of mine. As a pastor of women I also have a particular interest in and concern for all things that impact women & young girls in their Christian walk.

    Yes, I think that having more men speak out on these issues is one of the critical ways to help us women reshape the wrong images we have in our heads about what men really think & believe about women, beauty and body image, particularly, and most importantly hearing from godly Christian men.

    blessings to you Bek,

  3. Love the blog bek, all of it is true. I recovered (for the most part) like 6 months after my dad passed away. Sometimes I really really feel the need to purge and it’s so hard to fight it, when I have an absolutely horrible lonely day…your blog is completely real and true

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