You Don’t Have to Hit Rock Bottom Before You Ask for Help.

I feel like in society, there’s this idea that we can’t ask for help until all hell breaks loose, until we’re in complete crisis, until we’re having a major meltdown, until the shit hits the fan… However you want to put it, our pride can often stop us from asking for help until we absolutely need it. We wait until we’re at rock bottom before asking for advice, asking for a hand with our uni work, asking for a shoulder to cry on, asking for help to follow our meal plan, asking for accountability for something we may be struggling with. This isn’t even specific to eating disorders – I think to some degree, this can be true of us all at various times throughout our lives. Continue reading


I is for Iron. And Irony.

I like irony. I like it a whole lot. I like that this blog post is about irony and iron deficiency and the word “iron” is in the word “ironic”. Because that’s ironic. And excellent. Tonight I want to share a little with you guys about iron deficiency, which is a common health risk of eating disorders. The ironic part here is that when I struggled with my eating disorder, I wasn’t iron deficient at all. I’ve had over 12 solid months of eating well and lo and behold – I found out on Saturday that I am very, very iron deficient. Ironic. Continue reading

how your ED keeps its grip on you.

I’d like to forewarn you about this post. It’s hard to read. It’s challenging. It’s going to hurt. It’s going to make you angry. It might make you cry. It might hurt your feelings. And if it does, I am sorry. But you know what? Eating disorders make me mad. They are unjust. You don’t DESERVE to have an eating disorder. You are so much more VALUABLE than this. And meant for much, much more than what the ED provides. I hope I’ve managed to say all of this in a somewhat loving way though. It’s my intention. It’s a bit of tough love. And I hope it not only challenges, but also encourages.

Bek X Continue reading

I Wrote this for You (and you and you…) pt 3

Part one can be found here and part two here. Feel free to check them out. They aren’t directed at anyone in particular (well, maybe you (and maybe you too)) but rather, are meant to be general in their content. This letter in particular is an interesting one – it comes from the other side of the fence, from a recovered mindset and is directed at someone who may still feel trapped by their eating disorder, or who is in recovery. Continue reading

(Almost) 6 months bulimia free…

The title of this blog post feels WONDERFUL to write. Absolutely wonderful. Because at the end of this month, I will be 6 months bulimia free which is a very, very big achievement – and I’m ridiculously proud because I know that I’ve worked hard to change behaviours and it has paid off. I ALSO know that I’m had some very wonderful people pull me out of some very sticky spots and that I wouldn’t have had any of this strength to beat the ED without them, or without our wonderful, reliable and faithful heavenly Father :).

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