Appreciating Our Bodies.

Today I went for my first Spring swim and marvelled at what my body could do and at how amazing it felt to swim laps. I think it’s one of my main reasons for loving swimming so much: every time I swim, I become overwhelmed with gratitude. I can now get in a pool, swim laps without having to count every single one, stop and take a breather if I want to, don’t have to go at any particular speed, can get out whenever I feel like it and, best of all, don’t have to avoid eating afterwards. In fact, it’s one of the first things I do now! So as I was swimming and mulling over ideas for blogs, I thought this: our bodies are amazing. YOUR body is amazing. They do many, many things for us and really, most of the time we don’t even realise it. So hopefully, this blog post serves as a reminder of all your body does for you … and makes you very appreciative of that! Continue reading


I is for Iron. And Irony.

I like irony. I like it a whole lot. I like that this blog post is about irony and iron deficiency and the word “iron” is in the word “ironic”. Because that’s ironic. And excellent. Tonight I want to share a little with you guys about iron deficiency, which is a common health risk of eating disorders. The ironic part here is that when I struggled with my eating disorder, I wasn’t iron deficient at all. I’ve had over 12 solid months of eating well and lo and behold – I found out on Saturday that I am very, very iron deficient. Ironic. Continue reading

So much change in one year – God is gracious.

I’ve been away at Women’s Convention this weekend and have been deeply challenged and encouraged and … blessed. Plus, there were a few excellent speakers (here’s one of them!) and I was able to spend time with 8 other ladies from church – lots of talking and eating and sharing with each other. It was lovely. This years Women’s Convention was hugely different for me, eating disorder wise – so I just wanted to share some of that very briefly with you all 🙂 Continue reading