how your ED keeps its grip on you.

I’d like to forewarn you about this post. It’s hard to read. It’s challenging. It’s going to hurt. It’s going to make you angry. It might make you cry. It might hurt your feelings. And if it does, I am sorry. But you know what? Eating disorders make me mad. They are unjust. You don’t DESERVE to have an eating disorder. You are so much more VALUABLE than this. And meant for much, much more than what the ED provides. I hope I’ve managed to say all of this in a somewhat loving way though. It’s my intention. It’s a bit of tough love. And I hope it not only challenges, but also encourages.

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T is for Thankfulness

I’m pretty sure I’ve written a blog post about thankfulness before. I’ve also written a post on ‘Small Things’ that I had achieved back in November last year that I was feeling pretty pleased about. But I feel the need to write yet another post today on thankfulness because a) we can’t ever run out of things to be thankful for and b) this is my 100th blog post (Yay!) and c) today I feel very, very thankful for lots and lots and lots of things and hope to share them with you. Continue reading

Avoiding Relapsing.

We all struggle with something right? Speeding, drinking, watching too much television, smoking, lying, overeating, under-eating, worrying, not reading our bibles or praying as often as we think we should or need to or as often as we like … the list is endless. Our struggles are as unique as we are.  The thing is, the only way that we can begin to change these issues we battle is by facing them head on. And that seems scary. And often, it even seems impossible. But we resolve to change anyway, because we know we should and we will be A Better Person because of it – and perhaps then we stick with it, with our new changes, for a few days or a week or a month or a few months – but we fail. We inevitably end up back where we started and we very dangerously say “Stuff it, I’m clearly incapable of making change long-term.” And so we give up. We give up and we stay stuck in our behaviours.

I’ve been thinking about this in recent times and thinking about how I have actually managed to avoid a huge eating disorder relapse and thought it was important I wrote some of these thoughts down. These are not only applicable to eating disorders; you might find there’s something written here that strikes you as relevent for your own life / situations you encounter etc – hopefully you do! These are a few things I have found helpful in the last 10 months. Continue reading

M is for Myths (of the eating disordered kind).

There are so many misconceptions about eating disorders, and the sooner that we recognise them for what they are – myths – the sooner we are able to understand eating disorders more and be in a position where we can reach out to those around us who also may be suffering.

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